My Studio 5 400x1600

It has been a great privilege to share this journey with those who have seen the process of my work. Art, faith, love, and hope are daily occurrences in my life, which help me walk a fine line between rational understanding and intuition. Thank you all for opening your doors to me with all my questions and dreams. I celebrate with each contributor, friend, brother, family, my parents and ministers who gave me their love and friendship.

Joel and Daniel are the silent pillars of rock that envelope my soul, my spirit and my body everyday. They give me the opportunity to thank God and when I wake each morning, I see their love reflected in my life.

To the Author of life, for having sown the seeds of expression in me, which through the creative process, I can manifest art with the utmost passion. I have discovered that there are no borders between beauty and truth.

Carlos Cazares